“Never put anything on the client. The client is in the hands of the enemy.”
Raph Koster, Origin Systems

“I have to believe that the solitary nature of most computer games is temporary aberration, a consequence of the technology, and that as networks spread and their bandwidth increases, the historical norm will reassert itself.”
Greg Costikyan

“Hate is good.”
Raph Koster, Origin Systems

“Bei mehr als 250 Spielern bilden sich Untergruppen.”
Raph Koster, Origin Systems

“People are people, even in cyberspace.”
Amy Jo Kim

“They come for the game and stay for the community.”

“Virtual reality is neat, but when you want a good steak...”
Woody Allen

“Coping with latency is key to designing massive multiplayer games.”
Crosbie Fitch

“Don´t require players to sign on at a specific time. They won´t do it.”
Leonard C. Quam

„A simple lavatory example involves a rat in a cage with a small lever. Every so often, a small shock (on the order of a static discharge from a walking across a carpet) is given through the metal floor of the cage. However, if the rat presses the lever, the shock won´t happen for at least 30 seconds. The rat quickly learns to press the lever at a slow, steady rate and thus prevent the shock from occuring. The best game example of this I know is in Ultima Online, where players who own castles or houses are required to visit them regularly or they´ll start to decay.“
John Hopson

"Einen Kunden, dem ich ein Online-Rollenspiel verkaufe, sehe ich erst mal
nicht wieder."
Jens Hartmann

„Everquest would be the 35th largest city in the U.S.“
Robert Pfister


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